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Hi! Not dead again. I realize I’m now literally over a month behind on the photo of the day, and for that I sincerely apologize (as usual). I’ve started a day job working as a mechanic at a bike shop to combat the immense boredom between scoring contracts, plus I get a sweet employee discount, everyone at the shop is awesome and loves to ride mountain bikes, and I get to tinker with expensive high-end things all day long. As a result though, the website(s) have suffered; I still have to finish my Uganda series (which you should have a look at starting here, if you haven’t seen them yet).

In addition to a month’s worth of backlogged photos, I also have somewhere in the vicinity of five or six full scores to upload and put on here, so those will be on in due time as well. I will make a concerted effort to have this all uploaded before I leave for Las Vegas on the 2nd, at which point there will be another short period of radio silence until I get the rest of those photos uploaded as well.

Bear with me! Cheers.

Not The Update You Need (But The One You Deserve)


So I went and checked the site analytics half-expecting it to be in the tank, but to my surprise it’s actually risen in the last few days/weeks that I’ve been utterly failing to update the site. Apparently it skyrockets the longer and longer I wait to post updates as people get antsy for more photos (or at least that’s what I choose to believe).

Life has been a bit hectic since I returned from my California/Utah trip; I’ll avoid tons of details, but I don’t work at Seattle Magazine anymore due to a long and convoluted story that will be better served for a different time and somewhat more personal audience. I had a second trip down to California from which I just returned last week doing headshots for the Business of Piano class at the university, which was awesome. I also rented a Santa Cruz Bronson for a day in CA (which, for those of you who don’t know or care, is an eight-and-a-half thousand dollar mountain bike) so now all of my income will be directed at funding one of those in my life.

It’s raining here, as usual; the mountain-biking suffers on a daily basis, but I do get out whenever it’s not pouring at least and I try to make free time. I have photos of mountain bikes and mountain bike things coming. As usual.

So on to the best news so far: I am currently working full-time as a freelance film composer, which is absolutely insane both in terms of the fact that I’m actually doing what I want to be doing with my life, and the workload as well. As a result, I’ve had very little time to work on photography (and what time I have put into it is mainly playing catch-up with projects that are long overdue). It’s not exactly turning me into the wealthiest person in the world yet, but I feel genuinely happy for the first time in months, waking up and walking to the computer to write music (the move up to Seattle took some getting used to). Nevertheless, I have still been taking daily photos, I’ve just been slacking on uploading them.

At any rate, it really sucks to have a website that is now as late as it’s ever been for an update (literally over a month now). Tomorrow (today, actually now) is my scheduled “update everything” day; I will be doing my best to get the site as close to current as possible before I inevitably fall behind again on even more projects (I promise I’ll try not to let that happen again [also I’ll stop using so many parentheses/square brackets]).

SO, all of this to say: at least a month’s worth of photos coming within the next day or so. Also, tons and tons of music within the next week because I’ve been writing tons and tons of music. I have three separate scores to upload (each at like fifteen minutes apiece) in addition to the two I’m currently finishing, and I’m also scoring Electrogenesis, the Chapman grad thesis about Static Shock that surpassed its kickstarter goals a few months back. That’s turning out great. Honestly right now it’s nearly 3am and I’m losing track of what I have and haven’t already typed, so I’m just gonna call it quits while I’m still ahead.



Hey look, now I’m only 15 days behind! Awesome!

I have tons of photos, and will post them all once I get a chance to edit them. At the moment, I’m trying to catch up on photos for the magazine while simultaneously scoring three films. It’s a bit hectic around here all of a sudden. Plus, I’m leaving for California next week for a four-day long shoot at the conservatory. So that’s going to be fun. And will be even more fun to attempt to catch up on more after that.

In other news, I’m just about finished with a 30-minute long track for the latest Luminarium exhibit (the piece was shortened to around 21 minutes so I could make the deadline in time, otherwise I would have never finished). Check out the exhibit here. I got a featured spot for what I submitted so far, so that’s cool.

Until a few days from now!

Life, Photos, and the Pursuit of a Steady Job

So I feel the need to update this, as Google Analytics has informed me that a significant amount of people still care about and visit this website even after I’ve graduated and moved out of California (shown is data from a few days after I graduated to now); enough so that I could actually flood the website with ads and make a nice little paycheck on the side until I pissed everyone off and they left.

I wouldn’t do that.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty cool that people from across the world are interested in something I started as a hobby, and I was pretty floored to see that it’s been getting so much attention despite the fact that I’ve been pretty lax on the updates. So thanks for that. Makes it fun to keep doing this. I’ll be honest, in the past few weeks I’ve strongly considered stopping a few times (for reasons I’ll elaborate on) but seeing the Analytics data has renewed my interest in it.

Sidebar: Why the hell is Russia the second most popular country in terms of visits?  Спасибо за бесплатную рекламу, в любом случае.

So, the latest excuse as to why I’ve been horrible at updating the website: I now work as a photographer for Seattle Magazine in downtown (which is awesome), and as a result a lot/most of the photos I’ve been shooting are for the magazine, and are not permitted to go anywhere but on the art department’s server until the month’s issue ships. We’re currently working on October, and I will ask whether or not I’m allowed to post bits and pieces from discarded shots, but for the most part I’m pulling double-duty on the photo of the day (one shot for my site, tens of shots for SeattleMag), as the magazine gets first dibs on all of my shots. Once the issue ships, I can post to my heart’s content. This is where that aforementioned thought of stopping stems from; being restricted on what I can and can’t post makes it difficult to keep up to speed with the photos, but I’ll do my best with what I’ve got. If I can’t post the SeattleMag photos, I’ll just take more personal project photos.

Having said that, I do have a metric ton of photos to upload that aren’t SeattleMag property, so expect those within the next few days. On that note, I got to go to Crankworx this year, which for those of you not in the know, is one of the biggest mountain biking events of the year up in Whistler, BC (Canada). Lots of awesome photos of that.

Also, I got moved up to a staff position at The Luminarium (the artgroup I frequently do work for). Note my name under the fancy “administration” header here. We’re working on the next exhibit due to be released October 1st, and I’m working on another huge music project for that as well as smaller visual projects, both photography and digital art related. Be prepared.

So, to summarize: I work for a magazine, you’re all awesome for caring about the website even when I’ve basically abandoned you for the last month, and I still take an abnormal amount of photos of bikes and people riding bikes (among other more interesting things). Which will all be posted very soon.




Still a few days behind, but it’s a start. Sorry about the delay, been busy moving. It’s almost 2am and I’m supposed to be awake at like 8am tomorrow morning to go to IKEA, so I should probably go up to bed now, but here I am making sure that you all know what’s up. Isn’t that just great of me.


Final Finals

I’m not dead or anything, but as this is my final finals week and if I don’t do well in my classes I have to wind up staying at college an extra semester, I’m gonna focus on that first.

Updates will be here on Sunday night at the absolute latest. Stay tuned. Thanks for your patience.


And so now I get to focus on photography again. The last few months have been rather bad for consistency (I spoke about this a few weeks ago, but I’m just reiterating that fact now) since I’ve had very little time to focus on photography and I’ve had to put most of my time and effort into coordinating a senior recital which went, by most accounts, pretty flawlessly. So I’m happy about that. I will have a recording posted up here as soon as I get to editing that, which will be very soon since I have so much free time right now.

So the photo of the day gets to resume now, which is great and awesome and makes me very happy. Sorry about all of the gap days, it happens. Also mountain biking is going to get kicked up a notch since I don’t have to worry about breaking anything anymore! Which is also awesome!

I’m in a good mood.

Explanation Time

Sorry, there are a few gap days. The last few days have been atrocious as far as scheduling goes; lots of running around at various university events and paid photography (which is good but hectic) as well as working on tons of rehearsals for the recital on March 9th (which you should all TOTALLY attend). This trend will probably continue for another couple of weeks until the recital itself is over and I can start focusing my time on photography again, but in the mean time, bear with me.

In other news, The Luminarium has a new exhibit coming out in the next few months and I am working hard on a new score for that, so be prepared for new music for the first time in literally decades. Yay! Cheers.

Update Number Four Thousand Something

Minor camera troubles have left me without photos for about a week or so, and I thoroughly apologize for not taking pictures with my crappy cell-phone camera. But hey, you come to this website for awesome photos, and awesome photos you shall have.

Camera is now fixed and ready to go, I have a few days to upload (including a fairly amazing photoshoot with some friends down at Laguna Beach again) and we’ll be back on track with plenty of new content to distract you from your new classes with. Casey.

The Luminarium – Elements

With a significant portion of the last few pieces of artwork I’ve been working on going to The Luminarium’s latest exhibit, Elements, I feel obligated to remind you all that the art exhibit has just released, and that you should definitely go look at it, and I’ve managed to snag the featured artist spot for this release, which is awesome and a huge honor and you should all totally go read the massive interview in which I talk about myself for a long time.

In other news, now the five pieces I’ve submitted to the exhibit can be unhidden from the website and you can all go be happy and download free music and art and wallpapers and such. Much love.

Have some artwork!



I’m working on one more piece for this compilation and I’m hoping to release everything on my birthday, so have some iTunes artwork to hold you over and replace the thousands of other CD covers I’ve made throughout this year.

This compilation has tons of scores that haven’t been released yet because I scored like 9 films this semester (against my better judgement), so there’s bound to be a lot of stuff nobody’s heard yet! Plus Dormir, HYD, Sam’s AP (The Ark), and many more. Until the 28th…. :D


An explanation for all of you who have been frantically visiting this website for the last… however long it’s been since April 17th.

The week following April 17th Might have literally been one of the hardest weeks of college I’ve endured so far, and half of the crap I’ve been doing doesn’t even affect my grades. I finished two scores for two theses (including Dormir, which those of you who know about this project should be anxious to get your hands on), photographed my first Greek event for Chapman (most terrifying quote of the year, from one of the Alpha Kappa Psi members: “Oh! We were wondering who would become the new Nathan!”. This either means 1) I’m about to become obscenely rich as a student, or 2) I am erasing my phone number and traveling to the Swiss Alps to evade a veritable freight train of Greek photography events). I have somewhere in the vicinity of 200 photos to edit for that alone, as well as somewhere around 50 just for the photo of the day as well.

Then I wrote a 12 page research paper on Minoan Linear A, a 5,500 year old, completely dead, and almost completely undeciphered ancient proto-Greek language. I had to make an entirely new font just to be able to write characters (A on that paper, by the way).

Wednesday night, I got 2 hours of sleep. Thursday night, I did not sleep. I showed up to class, dropped my finished paper into the professor’s hands, went back home, dragged myself into bed, and died for 12 hours.

A miraculously stress-free weekend quickly culminated in waking up Monday morning with a 103F degree fever, which I forced myself to deal with at school for a day, as there were dress rehearsals (not a good idea to miss) for a concert on Thursday. No classes on Tuesday; I slept for 22 hours. Absent from all classes on Wednesday: slept for 18 hours. Standing up (and actually remaining upright) is a legitimate obstacle; I am fearful of showers because the hot water in combination with standing for longer than 60 seconds at a time makes me extremely dizzy, and I have to climb out of the bathtub and lie down on the bathroom floor to ensure I don’t faint.

Four days and no classes later, my fever has abated to 100.0F.  I’ve slept more this week than in the two weeks before it combined. I am fluctuating at the moment; Motrin is a magical, glorious drug that keeps it down to around 98.6, but as soon as I stop taking it for more than four hours, it lurches angrily back above 100 and I once again find myself unconscious with the sheets pulled up to my nose.

To make a long story short: I feel miserable and I haven’t been updating the website because of a combination of miserable-feeling and a decidedly rapey schedule. I have nearly 30 minutes of music to upload (yay!) and a hoard of photos. Today is the first day where I’ve been lucid enough to stand and pour myself a glass of orange juice (although stairs still present a significant challenge). As soon as I get the remainder of my school obligations out of the way, I’ll be putting my effort into the site for a good long while. Until then, bear with me.


So….. about those gap days….

So I kind of owe my readership an apology because I haven’t been taking photos for the last day and a half. In my defense I’ve been getting up at 5am every morning to swim and then subsequently getting myself situated in school for the new semester while simultaneously trying to get a paycheck situation sorted out as well. So things have been hectic.

On the plus side, I have spent about 80% of the last week finishing up an epic new symphony side-project which is currently finished and awaiting release on the website, but I unfortunately cannot put it up yet due to restrictions on the exhibition that it’s being included with in The Luminarium’s latest art exhibit. Either February on the 1st or the 13th will see the release of that.

So, photo taking will now resume. I’m a bit more settled in now and I can start focusing on the fun stuff while keeping abreast of my courses. To be fair, this wasn’t even the biggest gap I’ve ever had. That title belongs to the week my camera decided to die on me in the middle of one of the first paid shoots I was ever on due to the fact that saltwater had finally corroded the internal components enough to shut it down.

Regardless. Photos. More. Yay.

The Next Symphony

Last year, I spent nine months of my life agonizing over a 47-minute-long programmatic symphony following the story line of Jekyll and Hyde. The experience was an agonizingly slow process that was more involved than I had ever anticipated it would be, and included countless late nights of writing spurts, talking to friends about leitmotifs, what worked and what didn’t, etc.

Doing large projects has always been a massive hobby of mine, starting with writing Aeternum Vale before I even finished high school. The J&H symphony made me realize how much fun large forms are. THEREFORE: I’m begun working on a new symphony which will, in all likelihood, exceed J&H in terms of length and scale. The book is longer, I have more sounds to play with this time around, and in terms of content alone, there is tons to get through. And not a whole lot of it can be left out.

I’m in choir this semester (to my everlasting shame, but I need the credit, so I’m taking it), and so far a large number of people have expressed interest in singing for the choral parts. So many that I may have to split up the recording sessions this time, I don’t think we can fit everyone in the stairwell to record again.

For the next nine to ten months, prepare for little hints everywhere. I am officially “announcing” this right now, so here we go.

September 10th

For September 10th, I ran out of ideas until about 11:30pm, when I decided in my infinite wisdom, that I would turn the gas stove on and try to take a cool photo of that. Alas, it didn’t work and wound up looking like utter crap, so I’m going to spare you the images and instead tell you that I’ve spent more time at the Wedge this past week than I have at school! Haven’t been skipping school. But in time total, it’s probably more. Seriously. And there are photos coming.

Massive mix in the works.

Just to let you know that music is not dead: I’m working on a long project again.


Lake Powell

Just a heads up: For the next roughly week and a half, I will be gone in Utah photographing Lake Powell. If you don’t know what Lake Powell is, Google it; pretty much the greatest place for photography (and there are surprisingly few decent photographs of it, so that’s a plus). I’ll be out there with Casey Bruce + the family with essentially zero cell/wifi service for the entire time, but expect a flood of updates when I return. Until the 27th! Be patient! Wiedersehen.

There are a few days missing…

Just to explain why a large portion of June is missing here…

On June 2nd, in the middle of a paid photo shoot, my camera decided to stop taking pictures and send me an “Error 40” message. I had to continue the shoot with a different camera and took my own camera in that day to the Canon Express Service Center to see why it was giving me an absolutely irreversible error message (I tried everything including hard-resetting the camera by pulling out the internal CMOS battery, and nothing worked).

As it turns out, shooting extensively at the beach can cause some pretty severe corrosion damage in the internals of the camera, and the electrical system finally shorted out in the middle of the photo shoot. Additionally, the entire logic board had liquid damage and needed to be replaced. So yeah. $300 in repairs. As a result of this, you might see a drop in the amount of underwater photography that takes place this summer (unless I buy a GoPro… because I really like shooting underwater), as I’d rather not be spending another fifth of the camera’s retail price in repairs…but we’re more or less back in the game after a nearly week-long hiatus. The photo of the day shall resume as usual! Thank you for your patience while I get my crap straightened out over here. It’s weird taking a photo nearly every single day for a year and a half now, because going nearly a week without taking any photos felt…..wrong.

Anyways! Resuming photography. Rest assured.

Updates coming very soon.

Around the beginning of last week, nearly all of my teachers made the announcement in class, “I’m going to move the final up to this week and push your final project back to finals week to make your schedule easier on you.”

All this accomplished was making my schedule more difficult on me. So, I apologize for the lack of photos. They’re all sitting on my card waiting to be edited. Coming very soon, I promise. Be patient, and hopefully by Monday or Tuesday night they’ll all be ready and up. And as another apology, the College & Stuff Volume II is here in less than a month, full download. Maybe even with Jekyll & Hyde on it.


Minor Update on Stuff

So you may have noticed there was absolutely nothing illegal about the week’s photos. I decided to postpone the “Illegal” week to this week because I had almost no time to take photos last week (I was almost completely busy the entire week, with periods of about an hour or two of free time in between). But yeah, expect some good stuff this week.

Also, Jekyll and Hyde is in the final stages. Two movements left before finalizing on new speakers and then release! Excited. You should be too.

The Majority Has Spoken.

You all wanted “Something Illegal”, congratulations. This should be an interesting week.

(April 8th and 9th will be coming on Tuesday and/or Monday night when I’m not ridiculously busy with school again. Back to the grind…)

Here’s to hopefully not getting arrested this week. Photos will be fun.

Vote for the photography theme this week!

Vote for the photography theme this week! (April 9th-16th)

View Results

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So I was sitting around working on random photos when I had the idea to breathe new life into the daily photos by photographing with a theme and/or concept in mind, and giving everyone who reads the website an opportunity to vote for the theme itself. I discussed the four possible themes above with Brett at length, so you’re free to vote on them from now until Monday; by Monday morning, the option with the most votes will be the “theme of the week” and every photo for that week will embody that particular category somehow. We’ll see how this goes; if it works well, it may be a continuing trend. If not, it’ll be fun while it lasts. Commence the voting :D

Chapman Radio Show # 2

Edit: Here’s the recording you’ve all been dying for :) The challenges went better than expected, to be honest. Except for the fact that the habanero tasted like death and the cinnamon was a giant letdown. At any rate, enjoy it.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Chapman%20Radio/And%20Then%20There%20Were%20Two%20Radio.mp3|titles=And Then There Were Two]


Radio show tonight. You’ve probably already been texted about it, but if you haven’t here’s the basic info for tonight:

The Great Taser Stunt of 2012 is on hold pending further information and/or release of liability from Chapman University’s Public Safety Office. Because we know a lot of you were looking forward to this, we’ve decided not to disappoint and instead we’ll be hosting the “Cinnamon Challenge” and the “Habanero Challenge”. Much pain will be had.

We’re on at 1AM. I advise you all not to miss it.

Go to www.chapmanradio.com and click “Listen” on the homepage to listen in.

Chapman Radio: Show # 1

Here it is :D

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Chapman%20Radio/Chapman%20Radio%20Show%201.mp3|titles=Chapman Radio Show #1]

In this show we talk about Blockbuster and how much it sucks, horrendous neighbors, banana facts, apartment life, take calls, dish out dating advice, discuss the practicality of back-alley abortions, talk to Jake Isham, and generally waste an hour of our lives in the best possible way.

We’re back on March 4th.

Chapman Radio Show.

I realize this is ridiculously late because Casey, Jacob and I completely forgot to advertise for this. As a result, we’ll probably get a total of 4 listeners (optimistically) tonight, but here it is anyways:

Tonight, at 1AM (technically Sunday morning), Casey Bruce, Jacob Flaherty, and myself will be doing a 1 hour show on Chapman Radio. You want to listen, that much is obvious. But you don’t know how. Here’s how.


Go there. Click “Listen” at 1AM. We’ll be talking about random things for an hour. Enjoy yourself.

College & Stuff: Volume II (Artwork Only)

Finished fresh and early today, for all of you who love having album artwork for your iTunes. A high quality .png version will be released with the compilation itself sometime close to May or June when it’s finished. I said I’d put out the small version a while ago, so here it is.

And I believe I’ve said something before about the current project in the works, but expect about an hour’s worth of programmatic music in the next two months or so (possibly sooner if a brutal burst of inspiration hits). Bigger than the Electronic Symphony. And more awesome.

The Therapist Outtake

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Files/The%20Therapist%20Outtake.mp3|titles=The Therapist Outtake]

A lot of you will remember The Therapist, a short we did a while ago. The entire premise for us even making this short was the fact that I found Jacob’s “HEY GUYS” gesture (the main gag in the short) absolutely endlessly funny. Like, to the point where I was laughing hard enough that I couldn’t breathe after filming. This sound byte is also a great little peek into what it’s like filming with this group of people, every single time.

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. Enjoy, everyone.

Another apology for lack of updates

The usual; school’s just started, lots of fun stuff happening in life (:D). And I’ve been taking photos but forgetting to upload them so just stop freaking out because your number one source of entertainment for the week hasn’t been updating. It will update, just give it some time. Many thanks! Photos coming very very soon. Keep checking back.

SOPA and PIPA: How They Affect You

Those of you who know me know that I very rarely do any sort of political activism of any sort. I never repost links on Facebook, I don’t “like” any candidate/political party pages, and I don’t discuss politics with anyone unless the issue really matters to me.

Having said that, you may have noticed this site was blacked out on January 18th.

You may have also noticed that a few of the top sites on the internet like Google, Amazon, Reddit, and Wikipedia did the exact same thing. This universal blackout, which was conceived on Reddit as a strike of S.O.P.A., was enacted to protest the passage of a new bill currently being considered in Congress, a bill which would give authority figures the power to censor the internet if they decide any website contained material infringing upon a copyright. This effectively gives corporations the ability to censor citizens. Corporations, while vital to economic growth, are not government. The problem of copyright infringement is one that must be addressed, but SOPA and PIPA approach the issue from the wrong direction and raise more concerns than they address.

The current logo will stay up until SOPA has been voted upon on January 24th. Until then, head over to Google’s SOPA/PIPA Page to find out what to do to help shut down this dangerous piece of legislation.

Website Updates Coming Soon

Merry Christmas Eve, all :)

Some Christmas/New Year’s Eve gifts coming soon. This should come as no surprise, but I intend to keep the photo of the day running through 2012. 2012 will include various awesome events such as: college, apartment shenanigans, Lake Powell, and the end of the world. Because of this, I am changing a couple of things on the site itself; starting January 1st at 12AM, the current website will become an archive site accessible under “2011.scottstedman.com”, and the current homepage will get a complete visual overhaul for the new year with a ton of new features. Everything will be explained in due time, but expect big changes soon. Many thanks :)

Also, photo for today coming very soon. Waiting for the clouds to clear up so I can take it.

Patrick Gutman’s Senior Recital

Here are the download links guys. Right click and click “save linked file as” or “save file as”, depending on whether you’re on a Mac or PC.

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

The Creation





Creative Projects Webstore is Live

After about a week of solid work, I present to you the webstore.


This was a ton of work, but it was worth it. Hope you all love it :) You can also access the store by clicking the “Buy Prints/Music/Artwork” icon to the left. That will always be at the top of the website, so easy access there.

Webstore? What? Yes.

So you may have noticed that little box on the left corner of the screen there saying there’s a webstore coming. I can now officially confirm these rumors as absolutely true.

The webstore will carry prints, music, artwork, and whatever else I can leech you all dry with. But seriously. Quality stuff for cheap, because we all love having a massive 20×30 inch photo of Jacob Flaherty in epic HDR hanging over our beds. In fact, why not have two hanging there. It’s all possible now. Seriously, there’s a webstore. Well, not yet. But there will be one soon. Keep an eye out for it. Also, watch the posts for coupon codes. I shall hide them in the photos. (What? No way… Yes way.)

Chaotic Inflation fixed

There was an issue with the latest piece of music, “Chaotic Inflation”, where there was a seriously annoying click in the opening minute that I didn’t notice until I listened with my headphones. There was a retrigger glitch effect that was still accidentally turned on during that part of the song. This is now fixed. Redownload if you please :)

Also, I’m going to Chapman’s “Glow” event tonight. Virtual Boy is playing, I shall be taking awesome pictures. Expect these sometime past 2AM.

With Apologies.

Sorry about the delay, especially those of you who waited nearly 10 days with zero update. Just started getting into an “I’ll do it later” mentality and it snowballed from there. Hopefully this won’t get this crazy again. School is starting on the 29th, so like I said earlier, there will be some consistency in the photos soon. And on August 21st I tried to take a picture of my new desk lamp in HDR and it failed miserably. So yes, I took a photo, but I need to touch it up or something before I post it. Fear not.

Small Update.

I have moved the “Archive” page out of the “about” tab and on to its own tab for easier access, and I encourage more people to use it. It’s a good tool for finding old photos easier, categorizing things more quickly.

In other news, school starts in 2 weeks. Expect the daily photos to pick up dramatically, since I’ll actually have stuff to shoot instead of trying desperately to find something different and unmonotonous about my day to day routine to and from work. Yay!


I’m kind of hoping that Google+ becomes the new Facebook, purely because I need a change of scenery in social networking and Facebook bores me on an almost hourly basis with its blueness. Thus/therefore/whatever:

I am now on Google+,

and I have awesome invites for anyone who feels like joining. Oh, and I’m putting all the photos of the day up on Google+ about a month or so after I upload them to the website for easy looking. We’ll see how that goes.

Movement Longboarding

For the last few months, I’ve been working at my job at the local skate shop, helping to build a number of websites with various purposes. The one that I’ve spent by far the most time on is called MovementLongboarding.com, and is basically a website for anyone crazy about longboarding out there. Therefore, I’d like to do some shameless promotion again. If you’re into longboarding, go check it out. I worked hard on it, and there are some ridiculous discounts on the store. Hope you enjoy it :)