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Prism OST


[click the artwork to download the score. 320kb/s mp3]

Behold, the score for Jackson Miller’s Prism. I originally approached Jackson to score this after seeing the Kickstarter (I scored his film Cycle a year or so back) and thinking the project was going to be amazing. I was right; the VFX team on the project was amazing, the script was amazing, and the entire thing was just a masterclass in good filmmaking. I’m proud to have worked on this one.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Prism/1)%20Prism.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Prism/2)%20Pastel%20Metropolis.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Prism/3)%20The%20Drone%20and%20the%20Desaturator.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Prism/4)%20L.A.R.S..mp3|titles=Prism,Pastel Metropolis,The Drone and the Desaturator,L.A.R.S.] Calculate distance



[click the artwork to download]

Written for The Luminarium’s 25th exhibit, Silver. The exhibit is full of some amazing artwork, and I highly suggest you go check it out if you have not already.

Maximus is a 22 minute digital symphonic work in the usual three movement format, with each movement building progressively on the themes and motives in the movement preceding it. The idea behind this project was to portray concepts inherent in supernovae and black holes like power, scale, speed, and ferocity. All the same, I wanted to avoid writing in the style I usually write, with ten thousand horns blasting in front of ten thousand strings. I wanted to keep the tone epic (because that’s what I like to write), but also attempt to reel in the instrumentation and stay somewhat sparse.

I hope it worked.

Click the artwork below to start downloading the movements. The quality here is much higher than what’s available on the Luminarium’s site (due to upload size constraints), so I highly recommend this version if you’re picky about audio quality (320kb/s here vs 96kb/s on Lum’s site).

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Maximus/Maximus%20Mvt%201%20%20Core%20Collapse.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Maximus/Maximus%20Mvt%202%20%20Nucleosynthesis.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Maximus/Maximus%20Mvt%203%20%20Accretion.mp3|titles=Core Collapse, Nucleosynthesis, Accretion]

Beta 13 OST

Score for a dystopian sci-fi film set in the seemingly near future; this was actually a difficult score to compose, as I’m used to kind of going over the top with everything I write. Staying sparse and in the background was quite a challenge.

[click the artwork to download]

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Beta%2013/The%20Future%20Is%20Here.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Beta%2013/Beta%2013.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Beta%2013/Domestic%20Disturbance.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Beta%2013/Vivisection.mp3|titles=The Future Is Here, Beta 13, Domestic Disturbance, Vivisection]


Electrogenesis OST


[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Electrogenesis/Funeral.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Electrogenesis/Something%20More.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Electrogenesis/Reckoning.mp3|titles=Funeral, Something More, Reckoning]

Score for a superhero film based on Static Shock of the Justice League! The goal of the score was to get something suitably epic in scale for the epicness of the film itself, while still remaining true to the intimate nature of the storyline itself.

320kb/s mp3’s, artwork, as usual. Click the artwork, download, listen, enjoy.

Red White and Beard OST


[Click the artwork to download]

Most recent commissioned score for a comedy-documentary about Vishavjit Singh, a Sikh cartoonist from New York who dresses up as Captain America and fights intolerance. It’s sort of brilliant, you should watch it.

Click the artwork to download both cues with some cover art and a sweet poster I mashed out in Photoshop.

320kb/s mp3’s as usual.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Red%20White%20and%20Beard/Subway%20Soldier.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Red%20White%20and%20Beard/Alter%20Ego.mp3|titles=Subway Soldier, Alter Ego]

The Guardians

Guardians Thumbnail

[Click the artwork to download]

The complete long-form version of the symphony for The Luminarium’s latest exhibit, Illuminate VI. This piece was one of 1 of 7 out of almost 40 pieces to be featured. Check out the exhibit here.

Unfortunately due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to finish this in its entirety before the exhibit was due and I had to cut it short of what I planned to do with it. A week’s worth of work or so later, I can post the entire thing here in all it’s continuously running, 32-minute-long glory. This project is almost four months in the works.

Written entirely in FL Studio 11 using LA Scoring Strings, Miroslav Philharmonik, EWQLSO, Impact Soundworks Synthetic Drums, 8Dio Taiko Ensemble, and a host of other synths and VST plugins and samples.

Download goes to a 320kb/s mp3 and some tasty cover art. Cheers.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/The%20Guardians/The%20Guardians.mp3|titles=”The Guardians”]

Time Is The Substance From Which I Am Made

Lum Thumbnail

[click the artwork to download]

Lots of music coming quickly here! A more massive recent project for The Luminarium’s latest exhibit, Kibernetik, which can be found here (this piece grabbed a featured spot as well!).  

This is a 27 minute long electro-accoustic symphony (technically the third electronic symphony I’ve written now) that follows the conceptual soundworlds that many cybernetic films and games are based in (think Matrix, BladeRunner, Aeon Flux, Mass Effect, Half Life, etc.). It’s a labor of love. Enjoy it. Some cover art and a full 320kb/s download await. Cheers.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Kibernetic/Time%20Is%20The%20Substance%20From%20Which%20I%20am%20Made.mp3|titles=”Time Is The Substance From Which I Am Made”]

Senior Composition Recital

Senior Composition Recital

[click the artwork to download]

After nearly 8 months of planning, writing, and preparation, I present, in full, my senior composition recital. The track listing includes the cello duet, cello sonata, string quartet, piano solo, piano concerto, and the encore at the end.

I am now free to shackle myself down for another 5-6 years in grad school with these recordings now! If you haven’t seen the videos of this yet, that will posted shortly.



[click the artwork to download]

A few months ago I decided to attempt dubstep (for lack of a better term for what this actually is, we’ll call it dubstep]. Whether or not I was successful at it is up for debate, but as this was submitted for The Luminarium’s latest exhibit I wasn’t able to post it up until that exhibit, Illuminate V, was released. Go check that out here. It’s an impressive conglomeration of artwork, and I managed to snag the featured spot for music again. So that’s fun.

At any rate, you be the judge of whether or not this is successful at what it tries to be. This type of music is deceptively difficult to produce; there’s a lot of glitching and micro-level work needed to make it sound convincing. Clicking the artwork downloads a zip file with the music and the full-sized artwork if anybody wants it.

320kb/s mp3.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Misc/Files%20for%20Seattle/Superluminal%20Final.mp3|titles= Superluminal]

Cycle OST

Cycle OST

It’s been a while since I posted any new music (September, specifically), so here’s one of the scores I wrote this semester. Clicking the artwork downloads the track with the full-version artwork, so enjoy that. Merry Christmas.

320kb/s mp3’s as usual. Not a whole lot to say about this one, it’s pretty standard but worked well in the final cut of the film. I’ll see if I can update at some point with a copy of the finished product.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Cycle/Cycle.mp3|Titles=Cycle OST]

Fear Not OST

Fear Not OST


[Click on the artwork to download]

So I forgot to include this score in the C&SVIII this summer on account of the fact that I was in Seattle without all the files on my computer and completely forgot about it, but hey, better late than never. This was Mac Nelsen’s horror/redemption epic senior thesis which I hopped on around December before the semester began. Good times.

320kbps. Download in the artwork, or the player below. Take your pick. The themes and motifs in this are loosely based on Chopin’s 2nd piano sonata, so there’s some easter eggs for the classical buffs out there.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Fear%20Not/Nocturne.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Fear%20Not/Target%20Practice.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Fear%20Not/Frankenstein.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Fear%20Not/Redemption.mp3|titles=Nocturne,Target Practice,Frankenstein,Redemption]

College and Stuff: Volume III

College & Stuff: Volume III


[Click the artwork to download]

Once again, here is a compilation album of one entire year of music. Interestingly enough this actually doesn’t include everything I’ve written this year as I still have a few projects that are in progress (including a game score and a very large symphony). They will be available in due time.

This includes the scores for The Ark, HYD, Dormir, Blessed Our Father, and The Reckoning symphony as well as some of my personal projects, including Nocturne for a Scientist (symphonic poem for a Luminarium art exhibit, which hasn’t been released on the website yet [Yay for extra special bonuses!]), as well as The Princess and the Assassin, Legends, and a couple of electronic pieces to break up the monotony.

Clicking the artwork will start the download of the zip folder. 320kb/s mp3’s for wonderful high quality and a huge version of the cover art. Happy July.

The Reckoning – Electric Symphony No. 2

The Reckoning - Electric Symphony No. 2

[Click the artwork to download]

A somewhat large project accomplished entirely on a laptop for The Luminarium’s latest exhibit, Elements, which I will post a link to when it’s finished. At any rate, this is now the second electric symphony; an electroacoustic combination of orchestral and synthetic instruments in three movements.

The three movements are titled, pretentiously enough, after a sort of “guideline story” that I had in mind while writing. The Reckoning is a programmatic symphony that follows the story of a dystopian society in a post-apocalyptic Earth, ruled by a corrupted government and ultimately toppled by the actions of one boy who inadvertently exposes the actions of higher powers. At least, that was the idea I had in mind. The purpose was to write music that would sort of “fill in” the story in the mind of each individual listener. Hope it works for you.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/The%20Reckoning/The%20Reckoning%20(Mvmt.%201)%20-%20Ripples%20in%20an%20Obsidian%20Ocean.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/The%20Reckoning/The%20Reckoning%20(Mvmt.%202)%20-%20You%20Will%20All%20Be%20Free.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/The%20Reckoning/The%20Reckoning%20(Mvmt.%203)%20-%20Elysium%20and%20the%20Martyr.mp3|Titles=The Reckoning – Ripples in an Obdisian Ocean,The Reckoning – You Will All Be Free,The Reckoning – Elysium and the Martyr]

Dormir OST



[Click the artwork to download]


I agreed to do this score sometime last year. This was an ambitious thesis project directed by the same man who did GhostBusted (AP from last year). He liked what we did on his AP, so I have returned to provide sweet, sweet music for his thesis!

The storyline of Dormir follows a young, successful artist who struggles with drug addiction, falling hopelessly in love with a dream girl along the way. I shall attempt not to spoil anything because the film is awesome, and I will have a link to it at some point in the future. Until such time; enjoy the score.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Dormir/I%20Was%20Made%20For%20You.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Dormir/Storm%20Cells.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Dormir/I’m%20Here%20Because%20She%20Isn’t.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Dormir/Maya.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Dormir/Dormir.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Dormir/Muse.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Dormir/Methadone%20Sunrise.mp3|Titles=I Was Made For You,Storm Cells,I’m Here Because She Isn’t,Maya,Dormir,Muse,Methadone Sunrise]


Pumping out scores like no other this semester; here’s the second one finished, for Ryan Von Bengfort’s “HYD”, which, incidentally, happens to be based on the same source material that I wrote a symphony on last year. When he mentioned that he was shooting a thesis based on Jekyll & Hyde, I didn’t even bother reading the script before accepting the project. It had to be done.

Unfortunately the project wound up being extremely tight on time, so there’s not a whole lot of music here, but what we got through worked amazingly well for the film. No download link this time; this will be released on the next compilation album in June, unless somebody begs for it in which case, fine, you can have it early. Much love.

Four tracks, arrows will scroll through them, or it’ll play automatically through if you just leave it.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/College%20and%20Stuff%20Volume%20III/An%20Infinite%20Plane.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/College%20and%20Stuff%20Volume%20III/Meeting%20Jake.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/College%20and%20Stuff%20Volume%20III/Relax.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/College%20and%20Stuff%20Volume%20III/Infected.mp3|Titles=An Infinite Plane, Meeting Jake, Relax, Infected]



[Click the artwork to download]

Presenting the latest extensive music project, which I have been forced against my will to keep under wraps for a little longer than I wanted due to a late release date of an art exhibition which the piece is part of. Kind of. I mean I haven’t already posted it to YouTube or anything, but regardless.

First off, credit where credit is due. In December when I started working on this project, I commissioned a short story from one Brett Wilkins, which this entire symphony is based off of. I’m not going to spoil the details; there’s plenty of fun stuff awaiting in the download, so be sure to check that all out. I recommend reading the story while listening to the music; that was the entire point of this project in the first place, so do it like it was intended.

While you’re waiting for the download, check out The Luminarium’s latest exhibit, of which the Legends symphony is a part of; I managed to grab a featured spot with this piece, so that’s pretty awesome.

Until next time: 320kb/s mp3 as always.


The Ark OST

[Click the artwork to download]

Score for Sam’s AP, “The Ark”, which screens at Chapman University in Folino Theater on December 11th. In typical musical tradition, the score is releasing the night before. Mixed in 5.1 for extra epic on the final cut. This was my “big” score for the semester.

“The Ark” is a sci-fi drama about humanity reaching the technological singularity (read up on this), and what happens to those caught in the events that follow.

Some nice album artwork and 4 cues @ 320kbps awaiting at the download. Enjoy.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/The%20Ark/Astrocomm.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/The%20Ark/Improper%20Integration.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/The%20Ark/Leaving%20Earth.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/The%20Ark/End%20Credits.mp3|titles= Astrocomm, Improper Integration, Leaving Earth, End Credits]

The Princess and the Assassin

(click the artwork to download)

This has been in the works for at least 4 months now. The piece originally started out as a segment of the next symphony, but I gradually realized that it didn’t fit the concept material I was working with and I eventually started working on it out of context, and it became this.

This is what is classically called a “symphonic poem“/”tone poem”. 9 minutes long, one single movement, based around the conceptual characters from a game I’ve been playing lately called “Dishonored”. The idea here is two contrasting themes, one for the Princess of the story and one for an Assassin named Corvo, presented and interwoven. There is no set “story” in this, per say, just a feeling/mood/idea that is to be evoked. It’s more music for music’s sake, but there is some background to it.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/College%20and%20Stuff%20Volume%20III/The%20Princess%20and%20the%20Assassin.mp3|titles= The Princess and the Assassin]

Click the album artwork to download. 320kb/s mp3 and some nice artwork for you.


Some quick stuff. I’ve been working on this for a grand total of less than 24 hours.

Started at 2am on Tuesday morning, finished at 1:45am on Wednesday morning. I had some random spurt of inspiration the night before and figured I might as well make it short and sweet rather than trying to make it another 15 minute long thing.

So yay! This will be the intro for the C&S: VIII.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/College%20and%20Stuff%20Volume%20III/Introduction.mp3|titles= Introduction]


Here is your download. 320kbps mp3. Surprise.


So It Continues

Here we have it, the third iteration in the endless remix of The Continuum. If you’re interested in the utter crap it sounded like when it was first produced, check out Audiology and have a listen. It’s come a long way since then. Next is probably a dubstep version. But let’s give it a year or two before we jump into that. In the mean time, I have other massive projects (as usual) in the works. Until such time as those can be released (while I spend the majority of my time agonizing over leitmotifs), enjoy these little intermittent electronic releases that serve to both a) hold you over, and 2) keep me from destroying my computer from lack of inspiration.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/College%20and%20Stuff%20Volume%20III/So%20It%20Continues.mp3|titles=So It Continues]

And, as usual, 320kb/s mp3. Lots of new synths and sounds, I’ve been combing the internet since I realized that the stuff I’ve been using is, in reality, utter crap. Here is your download link.


(right click, save as)


I’ve been working on this one on and off for a little over a month now. Started it right after the Jekyll and Hyde, then worked on it off and on in random spurts at 2am. Hence the title.  This will be the music backing the racing video I shot of David and Chris back in July, when I eventually get around to finishing that as well.

Also, I’ll make the artwork for the compilation soon and release that so you have that, if you want it.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/College%20and%20Stuff%20Volume%20III/Insomniac.mp3|titles= Insomniac]

Sidebar: I’m going to attempt some form of dubstep within the next month or so. Not sure how that’ll work out, but maybe it’ll be cool and you’ll get to listen to it.

Yay for no compression again! 320kb/s mp3, as usual. Enjoy your download ladies.


And What Follows

[click the artwork to begin downloading the zip file]

The latest mix is out! First music in nearly three months… Brutal. About two weeks ago, I started to get some ideas flowing again and this started to take form.

So, a little about the pretentious title: “And What Follows Is Not Discord, but Eternal Entropy and Ice”. Every time I’ve written any bit of music in the last year or so, I’ve been reading about astrophysics, the universe, quantum physics, and I write with these really vivid images in mind. And every time I’ve released something, I’ve had an accompanying Wikipedia article. This month’s selection is Entropy. Read about it while listening to this. The title itself is a result of a quote one Brett Wilkins found while searching quotes on astrophysics pages. The quote itself refers to the Big Bang, and the expansion of the universe.

This isn’t a symphony, but it’s not a short piece either. 18 minutes of ambient split into two movements, each just over 9 minutes long. No break between movements, which is something new (and a massive pain to do quickly, as I’ve found out…), but each has it’s own character.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/And%20What%20Follows/And%20What%20Follows%20-%20Mvmt%201.mp3,http://scottstedman.com/Music/And%20What%20Follows/And%20What%20Follows%20-%20Mvmt.%202.mp3|titles= And What Follows – Mvmt. 1, And What Follows – Mvmt. 2]

College and Stuff: Volume II

[Click the artwork to begin downloading]

We’re at that time again. It astounds me that college is blowing by at such an alarming rate; seems like it was, max, 6 months ago that I was moving in to a freshman dorm on a 102 degree day in August. Now we’ve been from there to two different apartments, met a new group of friends, and grown up with them in photos and in music in two short years. And the music’s just getting longer and more complex, and there’s more of it; this compilation album is up to nearly three hours worth of music (last year was just under two hours). I built a new computer this year for the express purpose of handling the workload I was throwing at it. Stuff’s changing. We press ever onward.

Anyways, as promised, here is a years worth of all the music that I’ve made minus one or two cues from projects that weren’t long enough to be officially included. The scores from the Senior theses and AP’s I scored this year are all in here (Shelter, Ghostbusted, The Temp, Bradley No Friends, among others), along with rescoring projects from school, the Electric Symphony, the Jekyll & Hyde Symphony, and all the trance/electronica from the last year. Everything has been mixed down and mastered at 320kb/s mp3 as usual because quality is awesome. Hit up the album art for the download (439mb), have fun with it in iTunes. Enjoy, it’s a labor of love.

Jekyll & Hyde – Symphony no. 2

Click on the album artwork to download the entire symphony with the cover art and program notes.

When I started this project nine months ago, I wasn’t aware that it would take me that long to finish it. Regardless, I’ve been promising and promising this for about seven months now. The entire symphony will also be available on the College & Stuff Vol. II compilation that will be out before June 15th (as I’m leaving for Lake Powell right then and don’t want to wait until July).

Filesize is 108mb, as all of the music is rendered out at 320kb/s mp3 files. Once again, quality. You need it and want it.



Clicking on the play button below will start the symphony, and each movement will cycle through automatically. Clicking the red arrows will cycle through the movements.

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/Overture.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/Jekyll.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/To%20Split%20the%20Soul.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/Hyde.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/Jekyll’s%20Lament.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/Climax.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/Finale.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/Epilogue.mp3|titles= Overture, Jekyll, To Split the Soul, Hyde, Jekyll’s Lament, Climax, Finale, Epilogue]


[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Helios.mp3|titles= Helios]


A very short sketch I made between last night and today. I was watching this video and it just kind of clicked…. It’s kind of nice to write something so short like this, I might do this more often to get out more ideas rather than trying to stretch each and every motive into a 15 minute long symphony.

At any rate, enjoy.

Shelter Original Score

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Shelter/mp3/Explorers.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Shelter/mp3/Burnout.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Shelter/mp3/Brown%20Dwarf.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Shelter/mp3/The%20Bunker.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Shelter/mp3/Shelter.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Shelter/mp3/End%20Credits.mp3|titles=Explorers, Burnout, Brown Dwarf, The Bunker, Shelter, End Credits]

After two months or so of work, I present the finished Shelter score :D

Much work here. The score was completed about 50-60% over the course of 2 months, with lots of time taken to deliberate on instrumentation/sounds, effects, synths, motivic development, etc., and then the remaining 40-50% was finished from 12am-6am last night, thanks to a 16oz Red Bull and some last-minute inspiration.

No download here, it will be available with the release of College & Stuff: Vol. II sometime in June, along with several other scores including at least an independent pilot project and an AP. Hopefully I’ll have the Jekyll & Hyde symphony finished by then as well, but no promises.




So what we have here is a combination of like three things: 1) a rejected score from a project I was working on recently, 2)some freeform random stuff, and 3) the Legend of Zelda remix Casey has been asking for for about a year.

Hence, “Skyward”.

Also, this, at a bit over 5 minutes, is the shortest song I’ve written in a while.
And I have artwork for the new compilation coming soon. Anyways, enjoy as usual.



Originally wrote the free-form opening a few months ago, got discouraged, threw it somewhere in my hard drive, and forgot about it. A week ago, I was looking for something to do other than study for finals and I found it and got the idea to turn it it into what it is now. Lots of work on this one. I really struggled to make it into something decent, since I wanted it to be balanced but still a decent length to make it worthwhile to listen to. I’m still running on this “long music” kick. Really makes it a nice investment to listen through.

As usual, here’s your Wikipedia article. Thanks to Brett for the inspiration for the title. Read up and be amazed.



The Electric Symphony v2

[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Electric%20Symphony%20v2/mp3%20Renders/Movement%201.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Electric%20Symphony%20v2/mp3%20Renders/Movement%202.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Electric%20Symphony%20v2/mp3%20Renders/Movement%203.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Electric%20Symphony%20v2/mp3%20Renders/Movement%204.mp3|titles=The Electric Symphony- Mvmt 1; Overture,The Electric Symphony- Mvmt 2; Intermezzo,The Electric Symphony- Mvmt 3; Requiem, The Electric Symphony- Mvmt 4; Ascent]

I had a bit of time before my flight left for Seattle, so I spent it finalizing this project. This is most likely the final version, I have to quit this project before it takes over me, I keep finding more and more things to fix. I’ll just have to leave it how it is, 38 minutes of music is way too much to spend countless hours poring over.

ANYWAYS. Updated synths, strings, and brass, remastered with Maximus, and added a few extra orchestral sounds in the first and last movements. Bass boosted in every movement, kick sections cleaned up and refined, and some extra synths added before the drops of the first and last movements again. Second movement synths changed so they aren’t so repetitive, harmonized more, levels adjusted, and everything else I could find that was bugging me. Lots of stuff to download, deal with the file sizes. They’re 320kb/s mp3’s because I hate everything that isn’t high quality.


Movement 1 Download

Movement 2 Download

Movement 3 Download

Movement 4 Download



[Click the artwork to begin the download]

Don’t be mistaken, this is old stuff. But in keeping with my goal of having everything I’ve made available in one place, I’m putting it up. I’ll keep it on the front page for a while before I eventually move it to it’s original publication date somewhere in the archives.

This is a weird compilation. Some of the stuff here is good, most of it is miserable. I wasn’t really great at mastering when I produced this. Interesting to listen to something closer to the “roots” of the sound I’m moving towards though. But regardless, here it is, at 320kb/s mp3’s. Much love, Happy Thanksgiving.



Electric Symphony Update

Just a small update on what’s in the works in the music department, since it’s been over a month since I’ve released anything new on the site. I have a couple of new “ideas” running, and I’m going to try and get a recording of the reading of a piece I’ve been working on in composition seminar to put up on the site once that’s made.

My main project at the moment is a completely remastered mix of the Electric Symphony. The second movement is getting some overhauled synths, reworked strings, and a more sonically accurate climax. Movements 1 and 3 are just getting remastered, and the climax of movement 4 is being completely remastered for pants-wetting awesome. Expect this all in a few weeks or so, probably after Thanksgiving. At any rate, the photo of the day is still going strong, so bear with me while I finish the music projects :)




Originally written as a score for a short film (Jake Isham), this quickly turned in to a fully fledged orchestral arrangement, got about halfway done, and then sat on my hard drive for about two months collecting dust while other more important things got moved around. After that much time, I opened it back up, sat down for a few hours, and finished it. No electronics this time around, just pure orchestral writing.

Update Regarding Music

I am now hosting all music directly on my own FTP server. This means that download speeds are up to 3x faster, and instead of “right click, save as” linking to Archive.org (away from the site), it will come directly from my own site’s files. This is good news. You can see how this works by going to the music page and downloading the “College and Stuff” .rar file if you haven’t already done so. That’s a 200mb file, and it downloads in about 2-3 minutes. That’s fast. I’ll be working for a while to update all of the links to the files; In about a day or two, all of my music will work this way, where it’s hosted directly on my website (instead of third-party archive.org, which is awesome, but also forces me to relinquish some of my copyrights in the process) and downloads straight from my own server. Yay.

Black Holes Light The Way

[audio:http://scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Black%20Holes%20Light%20The%20Way.mp3|titles=Black Holes Light The Way]

Written for a school project in a single sitting, around seven hours of straight up work. No insane Wikipedia article on this one this time, just some calm music. The time signature is a bit different, not my usual 4/4. Counted in eighths, the song is 14/8. Just listen, you’ll catch on. Written in FL Studio 10 with Reason rewired in. Apologies if the levels are somewhat off, I might have to fix them later. Wasn’t mixing with my usual headphones, as I left them in Seattle over the weekend.


(right click, save link as)

Chaotic Inflation

[audio:http://scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Chaotic%20Inflation.mp3|titles=Chaotic Inflation]

This took about a week and a half with a multitude of computer crashes in between. Nice and complicated, as usual. I’ll update this post with the album artwork soon.

With all of the pieces from this new work coming out, I urge you all to Google the titles of the music. They often lead to mindblowing wikipedia articles and/or complex physics essays that make you feel horribly insignificant. Happy reading!


Exaseconds and Genesis

[audio:http://scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Exaseconds%20and%20Genesis.mp3|titles=Exaseconds and Genesis]

While experimenting with a number of ways to make synth strings sound better, I hit upon the gem of the idea that I had to work much harder. Thus, behold.

I was in a very speculative mood when I wrote this. Therefore, educate yourself while listening. Then read this to have your mind blown.

Also, note that this along with the Electronic Symphony marks the start of a new body of work, title currently pending.


The Electric Symphony

While I was up in Seattle for the last two weeks, there wasn’t much to do for the majority of the time. To pass the time, I spent most of it on the computer writing an electric symphony.

Classical symphonies have very strict form- I took some of this to heart and then took creative liberties with the rest of it. There are four movements, combining for a total listening time of 37.5 minutes. This was an exceptionally large project.

Clicking play will start the symphony; it will automatically cycle through the entire piece. If you want to re-listen to a particular movement/section, use the red arrows to navigate. Hope you all enjoy.

[audio:http://scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Mvmt.%201-%20Overture.mp3,http://scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Mvmt.%202-%20Intermezzo.mp3,http://scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Mvmt.%203-%20Requiem.mp3,http://scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Mvmt.%204-%20Ascent.mp3|titles=The Electric Symphony- Mvmt 1; Overture,The Electric Symphony- Mvmt 2; Intermezzo,The Electric Symphony- Mvmt 3; Requiem, The Electric Symphony- Mvmt 4; Ascent]


Movement 1 Download

Movement 2 Download

Movement 3 Download

Movement 4 Download


College and Stuff

[Click the artwork to begin downloading]

June to June, a year in music. Everything in here is everything that I’ve written from June 2010 to June 2011. Most of these are already available on the website, but here there are now, categorized, artworked, and ready to be added to your iTunes. Included in this release is all electronic music from forever, random tracks from jam sessions at friends houses, and all of the school projects and scores I did this year, including all of the tracks for Insertion (including a few tracks that were unreleased until now) and everything from A New Man, the Advanced Production from the film school that I scored. It’s a total of 2 hours of solid music.

Also of note: I don’t believe in compression. It makes music sound miserable, and despite what you all think you CAN hear the difference. Therefore, this is a massive download at 200mb. Deal with it, the end result sounds better.

A New Man Score

About a month ago, I worked as a director of technology on an Advanced Production at Chapman University (photos from the shooting days here and here and here). After we wrapped, I was asked by the director to score the film, since the composer he had already talked to had backed out. I was thrilled, and got to work immediately. One month later, I present, to the public domain, my final score.

There are four total songs. The playlist will autoplay, but if you want to scroll through them, use the red arrows on either side of the player.

[audio:http://scottstedman.com/Music/College%20and%20Stuff/Intro%20(A%20New%20Man%20OST).mp3,http://scottstedman.com/Music/College%20and%20Stuff/Doctor’s%20Office%20Montage%20(A%20New%20Man%20OST).mp3,http://scottstedman.com/Music/College%20and%20Stuff/You%20Know%20That’s%20Not%20Possible%20(A%20New%20Man%20OST).mp3,http://scottstedman.com/Music/College%20and%20Stuff/Ending%20Sequence%20(A%20New%20Man%20OST).mp3|titles=Intro,Doctor’s Office Montage,You Know That’s Not Possible,Re-Education Process]

Insertion Theme Reprise

[audio:http://scottstedman.com/Music/College%20and%20Stuff/Reprise%20(Insertion%20OST).mp3|titles=Insertion Theme (Reprise)]


With this piece comes the announcement that I have finished the main theme for insertion. The theme can be heard in the other piece for Insertion that I have released on the website; this is the second track from the score that is public. The remainder of the soundtrack will be private until the film is finished.

Logic Pro 9, FL Studio 9.