Time Is The Substance From Which I Am Made

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Lots of music coming quickly here! A more massive recent project for The Luminarium’s latest exhibit, Kibernetik, which can be found here (this piece grabbed a featured spot as well!).  

This is a 27 minute long electro-accoustic symphony (technically the third electronic symphony I’ve written now) that follows the conceptual soundworlds that many cybernetic films and games are based in (think Matrix, BladeRunner, Aeon Flux, Mass Effect, Half Life, etc.). It’s a labor of love. Enjoy it. Some cover art and a full 320kb/s download await. Cheers.

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Senior Composition Recital

Senior Composition Recital

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After nearly 8 months of planning, writing, and preparation, I present, in full, my senior composition recital. The track listing includes the cello duet, cello sonata, string quartet, piano solo, piano concerto, and the encore at the end.

I am now free to shackle myself down for another 5-6 years in grad school with these recordings now! If you haven’t seen the videos of this yet, that will posted shortly.



And so now I get to focus on photography again. The last few months have been rather bad for consistency (I spoke about this a few weeks ago, but I’m just reiterating that fact now) since I’ve had very little time to focus on photography and I’ve had to put most of my time and effort into coordinating a senior recital which went, by most accounts, pretty flawlessly. So I’m happy about that. I will have a recording posted up here as soon as I get to editing that, which will be very soon since I have so much free time right now.

So the photo of the day gets to resume now, which is great and awesome and makes me very happy. Sorry about all of the gap days, it happens. Also mountain biking is going to get kicked up a notch since I don’t have to worry about breaking anything anymore! Which is also awesome!

I’m in a good mood.