The Guardians

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The complete long-form version of the symphony for The Luminarium’s latest exhibit, Illuminate VI. This piece was one of 1 of 7 out of almost 40 pieces to be featured. Check out the exhibit here.

Unfortunately due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to finish this in its entirety before the exhibit was due and I had to cut it short of what I planned to do with it. A week’s worth of work or so later, I can post the entire thing here in all it’s continuously running, 32-minute-long glory.┬áThis project is almost four months in the works.

Written entirely in FL Studio 11 using LA Scoring Strings, Miroslav Philharmonik, EWQLSO, Impact Soundworks Synthetic Drums, 8Dio Taiko Ensemble, and a host of other synths and VST plugins and samples.

Download goes to a 320kb/s mp3 and some tasty cover art. Cheers.

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Hey look, now I’m only 15 days behind! Awesome!

I have tons of photos, and will post them all once I get a chance to edit them. At the moment, I’m trying to catch up on photos for the magazine while simultaneously scoring three films. It’s a bit hectic around here all of a sudden. Plus, I’m leaving for California next week for a four-day long shoot at the conservatory. So that’s going to be fun. And will be even more fun to attempt to catch up on more after that.

In other news, I’m just about finished with a 30-minute long track for the latest Luminarium exhibit (the piece was shortened to around 21 minutes so I could make the deadline in time, otherwise I would have never finished). Check out the exhibit here. I got a featured spot for what I submitted so far, so that’s cool.

Until a few days from now!