Hi! Not dead again. I realize I’m now literally over a month behind on the photo of the day, and for that I sincerely apologize (as usual). I’ve started a day job working as a mechanic at a bike shop to combat the immense boredom between scoring contracts, plus I get a sweet employee discount, everyone at the shop is awesome and loves to ride mountain bikes, and I get to tinker with expensive high-end things all day long. As a result though, the website(s) have suffered; I still have to finish my Uganda series (which you should have a look at starting here, if you haven’t seen them yet).

In addition to a month’s worth of backlogged photos, I also have somewhere in the vicinity of five or six full scores to upload and put on here, so those will be on in due time as well. I will make a concerted effort to have this all uploaded before I leave for Las Vegas on the 2nd, at which point there will be another short period of radio silence until I get the rest of those photos uploaded as well.

Bear with me! Cheers.