Life, Photos, and the Pursuit of a Steady Job

So I feel the need to update this, as Google Analytics has informed me that a significant amount of people still care about and visit this website even after I’ve graduated and moved out of California (shown is data from a few days after I graduated to now); enough so that I could actually flood the website with ads and make a nice little paycheck on the side until I pissed everyone off and they left.

I wouldn’t do that.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty cool that people from across the world are interested in something I started as a hobby, and I was pretty floored to see that it’s been getting so much attention despite the fact that I’ve been pretty lax on the updates. So thanks for that. Makes it fun to keep doing this. I’ll be honest, in the past few weeks I’ve strongly considered stopping a few times (for reasons I’ll elaborate on) but seeing the Analytics data has renewed my interest in it.

Sidebar: Why the hell is Russia the second most popular country in terms of visits?  Спасибо за бесплатную рекламу, в любом случае.

So, the latest excuse as to why I’ve been horrible at updating the website: I now work as a photographer for Seattle Magazine in downtown (which is awesome), and as a result a lot/most of the photos I’ve been shooting are for the magazine, and are not permitted to go anywhere but on the art department’s server until the month’s issue ships. We’re currently working on October, and I will ask whether or not I’m allowed to post bits and pieces from discarded shots, but for the most part I’m pulling double-duty on the photo of the day (one shot for my site, tens of shots for SeattleMag), as the magazine gets first dibs on all of my shots. Once the issue ships, I can post to my heart’s content. This is where that aforementioned thought of stopping stems from; being restricted on what I can and can’t post makes it difficult to keep up to speed with the photos, but I’ll do my best with what I’ve got. If I can’t post the SeattleMag photos, I’ll just take more personal project photos.

Having said that, I do have a metric ton of photos to upload that aren’t SeattleMag property, so expect those within the next few days. On that note, I got to go to Crankworx this year, which for those of you not in the know, is one of the biggest mountain biking events of the year up in Whistler, BC (Canada). Lots of awesome photos of that.

Also, I got moved up to a staff position at The Luminarium (the artgroup I frequently do work for). Note my name under the fancy “administration” header here. We’re working on the next exhibit due to be released October 1st, and I’m working on another huge music project for that as well as smaller visual projects, both photography and digital art related. Be prepared.

So, to summarize: I work for a magazine, you’re all awesome for caring about the website even when I’ve basically abandoned you for the last month, and I still take an abnormal amount of photos of bikes and people riding bikes (among other more interesting things). Which will all be posted very soon.